Santhana Selvan, Bicycle Mayor of Hyderabad 

🚲 When I close my eyes: In Hyderabad, I see Pedestrians safely on the well-connected footpath, Cyclists riding happily on the Comprehensive Bicycle Lanes Network across the city and kids able to safely cross in the Pedestrians crossings, Cars seeing, respecting, recognizing Pedestrians and Cyclists. 

🚲We have ONE DREAM that we want to see our kids and grandkids ride Bicycles to commute to school, safely without safety problems and without any parent’s supervision. 

🚲Only when Kids and Senior Citizens can ride BicycleWalk or use Public Transportation for their transportation needs – that is the Developed City and that is the Best City!
🚲 A Developed city is not where the Poor own cars, but where the Rich uses Public Transportation or Walking or cycling.
🚲To achieve the dream, we have a mission #ResetHyderabadWithCycling 50*30. We want to see by the year 2030, all the residents of Hyderabad use Active Mobility (Walking, Cycling, and Public Transport) for 50% of their transportation needs. It is possible because that is nothing but <5 km from our homes.

🚲Active Mobility is the permanent sustainable long-term transportation solution to solving the majority of the Urban City Problems #Pollution #Traffic #ClimateChange.

🚲Education at RTA Level, in order for Motorists to respect Pedestrians and Cyclists.
🚲Strict Enforcement on Drunken Driving, Wrong side Driving, Speeding Vehicles, and Parking Violations.


🚲Comprehensive Bicycle Lanes Network.

🚲Public Bicycle Sharing System across the city for First Mile and Last Mile Connectivity.

🚲Bicycle Parking in all metros and bus stations; In addition, allow Bicycles in Metros.

🚲Well Connected Continuous Footpaths and Safe Pedestrians Crossing across the city.

🚲School Zoning in and around the Schools for Safe.

Active Mobility:
🚲Active Mobility Bill to be passed for the safety of Pedestrians and Cyclists.
🚲Improve, Invest and Increase the Frequency, Connectivity, and Efficiency of Public Transportation.

🚲Provide Free or Subsidized Bicycles to the needy or urban poor for transport, especially Girl Children.

🚲Provide Incentives and Subsidies on Bicycles for City Residents.