Hyderabad Cycling Revolution (HCR) 2.0

Notice Board:

What is HCR?

🚲HCR took its birth, when our fellow Cyclists and Pedestrians met with accident(s), costing precious lives due to violation of traffic rules and regulations by others, and no fault of ours. Also when we witnessed the dedicated cycling lanes being used for car parking in major parts of the city. Then, it came out of the heart, shouting out loud #WeTooShareTheRoads.

Why HCR2.0?
🚲Aligning with our dream of having our children and grandchildren to use walking, bicycle and public transportation (Active Mobility) for commuting to schools and colleges or any nearby places without any safety issues nor any supervision.

🚲HCR2.0 is partly a thank of the act-of retroaction, that the Government has responded and initiated to the Cycling Community of Hyderabad with the model Cycle Lanes in different parts of our city and inauguration of the 21KM Cycling Track besides ORR.

🚲In order to accomplish our Mission #ResetHyderabadWithCycling50X30, we need specific Infrastructural and Enforcement actions from the Government, and we would like to request them for support in making our city, Hyderabad as a pioneer in Cycling and Active Mobility.

How to reach Durgam Cheruvu for HCR 2.0?

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🚲Let us all pledge towards #ResetHyderabadWithCycling in order to make Hyderabad the best Cycling City in India and in the world. Let’s all make effort and pledge to mark Hyderabad on the world map for its pioneering in Cycling. Let's pledge to make Hyderabad, the Copenhagen of East.