L&T Metro Cyclothon (Direct reach: 1000 people, Indirect reach: 2Lakhs)

On 4th March Saturday, L&T Hyderabad Metro conducted a Cyclothon in association with "Happy Hyderabad" Cycling Group with the help of Cycling Community Of Hyderabad inside the Miyapur Depot in a safe and secure manner.

 As a sequence to this Cyclothon event, L&T Metro has inaugurated Bicycle Parking in Miyapur Metro Station, which is planned to be extended to other metro stations to help with Green Commutes in near future, because Metro is completely aligned with the vision that Bicycle is one of the best ways of implementing First and Last Mile Connectivity.

 The success of the event is that HMRL as Government, L&T as Private and Happy Hyderabad Cycling Group as Community has come together with this symbolic event with value-added outputs like Bicycle Parking in Metro Stations and in the future to be considered for allowing Bicycles inside the metro, though today Foldable Cycles are allowed inside metro in non-peak hours.

 In the future, there are more plans to collaborate between L&T Metro and the Cycling Community Of Hyderabad for bigger projects, events, and implementation of Green measures as part of Metro.