Companies and NGOs. Total Reach - 40000 people (as of 6th May'23)

Out of four pillars of the system - Community, Government, NGOs, and Companies, Companies play an important role in terms of the count of residents in Hyderabad and the economy. There is a significant role from Companies in Hyderabad for Active Mobility Campaign.

Through our 10,000 people CyclingCommunityOfHyderabad, we are reaching out to each and every company's HR to get one of three things - 

1) A flash of our poster on the notice board or on a digital monitor.

2) An in-person or virtual session with employees in mass.

3) A Run or Ride event to be arranged with the company employees.

A lot of companies are reached out already and all of them are in pipeline. Work in progress.

2nd May 2023 (Reach: 5500 people)

28th April 2023 (Reach: 5000 people)

22nd April 2023 (Reach: 22000 People)

19th April 2023 (Reach: 100 people directly and 200 people indirectly)

10th March 2023 (Reach: 200 people directly and 800 people indirectly)

Upto 9th March 2023 (Reach: 5000 people directly/indirectly)