HCR 3.0 is a milestone to reach mass audience with one simple message called “Active Mobility”, as part of our Awareness Project bucket. Two months back, we started a fast track campaign by March 2023 targeting 50 Lakhs people out of 93 Lakhs people to have the simple message passed on across “Active Mobility – there is an alternate mode of transport called Walking (<1 km), Cycling (<5kms)) and Public Transportation (>5 kms), which we can use for > 50% of our transportation needs”. We are not asking people to sell their cars, but to taste Active Mobility for half of their time. We believe and trust in one quote – “A Developed City is not where poor have cars, but where rich use Walking, Cycling and Public Transportation”.

We are extremely delighted to share the fact that we reached about 44 Lakhs people in our city. All the statistics of the count is all listed here counting to 44 lakhs.

We are extremely happy for a number of factors. Anything is possible. Community is powerful. Community is a strength. When a bunch of like-minded people comes together for a good cause and all of our purposes are aligned, with the right people-based culture inculcated, we can do wonders and magic. This revolution is not just an one man job, but it is a huge collection of leaders (new and existing) who have done their best together. The result of this amazing newly created or identified or empowered leaders coming together for one cause and purpose is simply fascinating and exciting. Awesome Brotherhood and Sisterhood!

HCR 3.0 event is the culmination of a milestone achievement in our city in reaching a massive amount of people. HCR 3.0 is a campaign and an ending event for the achievement we all have done together for our city. HCR 3.0 is an example of anything is possible when like-minded brave brothers and sisters come together.

HCR 3.0 is an example of success, where Communities, NGOs, Students, Institutions, Governments, and Corporations have come together for the best interests of our city Hyderabad.

We are so proud of the whole community of about 500 volunteers who tirelessly worked for this campaign and also for this grand event. We made it big and we believe this is just the beginning for a huge revolution in our city for a positive change and transformation in the best interests of our city.

Thanks to Telangana Government for the extreme support

Organizing a large event like HCR3.0 is not an easy task and that is only possible with the help of support from the Government.
Heartfelt thanks to all the below 

Telangana MAUD and IT Minister – Mr.KT Rama Rao gaaru
Special Chief Secretary – Mr.Arvind Kumar IAS gaaru
HGCL MD – Mr.Santosh Kumar IAS gaaru
TSRTC MD – Mr.Sajjanar IPS gaaru
L&T Metro – Mr.Murali, Mr.Rishi and Mr.Rajeev sirs
Commissioner of Police – Cyberabad – Mr.Stephen Ravindra IPS sir
Commissioner of Police – Hyderabad – Mr.KV Anand IPS sir
GHMC Mayor – Mrs.Gadwal Vijayalakshmi gaaru

Each and every police station in the city for making all of our rides smoother.

Thanks to all the external support to our Community

Great support is given to the community by n number of variety of people.
Thanks to all the Photographers Team –
1) Lucky
2 ) Harish
3 ) Rooney
4) Mohammad Habib
5) Kishore
6) On Dream Lab – Rohit and Team
7) Srinivas
8 ) Zone Adds

Thanks to ZoneAdds for the amazing support in terms of Design Help.
Thanks to Yogesh brother for the Creatives Designs for HCR overall.
Thanks to Harish for providing his team member for support in Design.

Designing Team with the lead from Anjani
Siva / Madhavi – Zone Adds,
Sashikanth (Saroj Graphics),
Shreya (Freelancer)

When we all come together as on Community for a greater cause #ActiveMobility in our city Hyderabad – Runners, Walkers, Cyclists, Active Mobility enthusiasts, we can do wonders and magic and that is what happened on May 7th. Lot to do together brothers and sisters on our collaboration and making a revolution in our city for a positive change and transformation!!

1) Hyderabad Runners

2) ECIL runners

3) LB nagar runners

4) Secunderabad runners

5) Alwal runners

6) Hitech City runners

7) Alkapuri runners

8) Trysquad run machas

9) Happy Hyderabad Runners 

Thanks to All Cycling Groups in our city Hyderabad

When we all come together as on Community #CyclingCommunityOfHyderabad, we can do wonders and magic and that is what happened on May 7th. A Lot to do together brothers and sisters on our collaboration and making a revolution in our city for a positive change and transformation!!

1) Happy Hyderabad
2) Hyderabad Relief Riders
3) Biko o Holics
4) Pirates of Hyderabad
5) Hyderabad Cyclists Group
6) Pacey Pedals
7) cultfit
8) cyloklub
9) MK Cycling Group
10) Manikonda Cycling Group
11) Bakers & Bikes Cycling
12) ADP Cycling
13) Micron Cycling Group
14) Cannabikers
15) LB nagar Randonneurs
16) Hyderabad Randonneurs
17) Secunderabad Randonneurs
18) Campus Tribe
19) Bamboos Cycling Group
20) cycl-paths
21) BRC riders cycling group
22) Peerancheruvu Cyclists
23) Manikonda Cycling Club
24) PCS Riders
25) YJ Riders
26) Pedal Paltan
27) Celestian Cyclists Group
28) Pedaller’s Point Riders
29) TBA Riders
30) Karimnagar rides
31) Yodha Pedlars
32) Nirmal Cycling Club
33) AJ pedals warangal
34) Tricity Warangal cycling
35) Kadapa Cycling Group
36) Sales Force Cycling Group
37) AIG ( ABC Cycling Group)
38) WCCG (Chennai Cyclists)
39) Destination Dirt

Thanks to Event Day Leads

The success of the event is majorly by the Leads who lead each and every team to make this large happen event happen in our city. Thanks to each and every volunteer who worked very hard behind our event following the leaders.

Harish with Photowalk Volunteers did a fantastic coverage to the entire event. Amazing community contribution. When there is a need for cyclists and Active Mobility enthusiasts you were there for us. Thank you and your whole Photography team.

Lucky had been supportive from the beginning in terms of Drone (Boldly done with the Drone, when it was impossible  ) and also with his camera skills. Great contribution to the community with your special skill set. You are a charm boy and fun person! Great value add to the community and great strength to the team. Your presence makes a huge difference and gives us all strength brother.

Santosh had been a pillar support in lot of overall activities and taking ownership in completing the tasks. You have taken the ownership of getting this event through and leading lot of projects inside this 2 months movement.
Layout Formation contribution – a design laid out for n number of hours for an amazing 5 minutes implementation. All the Ride Champions in 14 different directions are completely taken care. Event on the event day, complete control on the way things were run.
Amazing value contribution to our community. I need a separate article to cover your contribution, for now pausing here. Most reliable brother around!

Samrat had been a pillar support with his voice and command control. He led students and also held the people engaged. What a brotherhood together. His contribution to the community is simply amazing and I am wow-ed with his command, engagement with his voice. Most reliable brother around.

Priya had been a great support with her group and also with her lead on engagement. True comrade for extreme support towards the community, for a great cause. Lot to do together with your amazing support.

Vijay Krishna sir had been an amazing all round support – he made a platform for us in his company CGI. He composed Active Mobility songs for us. He made a classic meme. Great contribution Vijay Krishna sir.

Manoj had been there on ground in lot of places. Keep it up brother. You were sacrificing your sleep to make sure our ownership on the ground is completely kept and works happen while all of us were sleeping. Thank you for your hard work.

Lavanya – You are a great confidence booster for HCR3.0. Your affirmative, strong powerful command keeps you special in our community. In fact, I got lot of confidence with your presence. Starting from Day1 meeting your presence, taking in the vision and operations objective carefully and executing it. Truly amazed with your contribution to the community. Fantastic pillar support via Safety and Security. We have a lot to do together life long for our city Hyderabad!

Zarbaf – What a support you have provided via Safety and Security. With your lead, we did not have to worry about Safety and Security. You are an awesome support all the way from the beginning even during Relief Riders. Thanks to your brotherhood support to this movement.

Srikanth – the engineer mind. Quality Assurance. Devil’s advocate perspective for the benefit of our community. Everyone brings different aspects and you add lot of value with your presence and contribution in your own way. Let us all work together for greater good.

Rajesh – a single man army along with the strong support of Prathapa and Gopi did a fantastic team work, logistics followup and arrangements to make it amazing experience to the community members. You have been there from HCR2.0 on the same department and we did not have to worry about your department. Lot to do together thambi!! Hugs!

Prathapa – an operations leader, had been a pillar support from the day 1 on HCR3.0. Excellent coordination, leads on Colleges, support in Refreshments, VIP leads for greater movement. Lot to do together brother. You bring a great value to our community and the operations.

Gopinath– the master blaster with his ICICI sixers and Nexus mall. Machine gun effect with our propaganda. Great support on ground with your humble ground services. You are a great strength to our team and great value add to our community. Lot to do together!

Krishna Chaitanya (KC) – Pillar support Brother around, whenever we are going to fall down, he is there to support and help lead the way. Even though you were away for the event, your work was speaking there. Website, Data, Ride Champions, Route Maps, Layouts, Student Leadership, Newbies and many more. You are a fantastic strength to our team add to our team and also great value add to our community. Most reliable brother!

Haseeb – the pillar support brother! Love your presence always. You keep the community lively – with your fun engagement, with your knowledgeable heritage engagement. Your strong sacrificing support on Traffic. Both for HCR 2.0 and HCR 3.0 you never saw the center stage or happenings in the center. Your presence is a strength to our team and also great value add to our community. Lot to do life long. We will conquer mountains together!!
Chandrasekhar, Abhi, Nilesh and team – Awesome support to Traffic!! Most reliable brother – always around!

Abhinav Chakilam is an amazing brother who has been on ground support. I noticed him waiting in the printing press for hours together to getting things done. He has been there on the ground taking care of lot of things. Lot to do together brother. great strength

Ashok S – what a support. Whatever we needed on ground during any day, you were to keep things moving. Thank you for taking care of things, while were with other tasks. Great value add.

Rama Rao Sir!!!!!!! You were a pillar support to the Permissions part of our house sir. You made our lives easier, by taking care of a bigger chunk in terms of approval. Hats off to you sir. thank you very much!! Drones permissions and Military side of things completely taken care! You gave peace of mind to me, to the event and also I was able to work peacefully in my office, because of you. This is a major chunk. thank you again sir!! Lot to do together!

Bhavya, Uma Devi and Rithika – Student Power pumped. You were one of the reasons, for making a main difference from HCR2.0 to HCR3.0. Thank you for the tigress roars. You girls made it happen. We are going to do lot together.

Preethu the charming boy, was silently owning and taking care of everything about T-Shirts. It is very complicated to take care of all the nitty gritty details of T-Shirts distributions and management. Your support and hard work under the water has made the ground RED. Thank you. Lot to do together brother.

Akhil – you made about 3 Lakhs out of 50 Lakhs reach in terms of Active Mobility message. You are Rajamouli of our community. You did a fantastic pillar support to our team and community and event operations from day one to last day. Memes, Videos, Social Media publishes, Drones and all on ground ERT support. Truly amazing! Wondeful brotherhood. Lot to do together and great value add!!

Rajesh Kakarla had been the voice of Memes. Your contribution is truly amazing. This is a true example of everyone contributes their strength. What a fantastic contribution in terms of reaching the masses. You contributed to 3 Lakhs reach out of 50 Lakhs Active Mobility message. Your way of telling to reach the masses!!! Hugs to you for sure!!

Madhavi had been always there in support of our community. Her presence to the meetings, her contribution to the teams, wherever needed she had been there. Her Active Mobility commitment. Her voice strength was used. Your social media reach also helped for us to reach the target. Thank you for this women power strength added.

Deepak Rayalu – what a contribution from his group coordination, route champion and also taking care of Fire and Disaster Recovery. An important factor taken care. Simply amazing brother. He is a passionate Active Mobility leader as well.

Devarajan – a silent contributor. He was there when we needed Heritage Engagement. Did it perfectly. There was a need for funds. He was there! There was a need for on grounds support – he was there. Great addition to our community. Sustainability contributor. Lot of strength with his addition to the team and community.

Rooney – HCR2.0 Video hero and he gave a strong support on Photography on the D-Day. Awesome brotherhood. Hugs to you Rooney. You are a great strength to the team and the community. We have lot to do together brother!!

Vijay Prasad – Your silent and humble documentation, advices had made our event so successful and organized. Brilliant patience, knowledge and guidance to people. Your presence in every event, meetings and operations is a great value add. Awesome brotherhood. Lot to do together. Great strength to the team and to the community.

Venkat Naveen – What a support and lead! Starting from Active Mobility Challenge, during our initial campaign, Runners engagement, College presence, Active Mobility exemplification and lot more on ground lead and support. What a find! Great contribution day in and day out. Fantastic addition to our team and to our community.

Jana – Excellent on ground support, very good team addition for giving support and hand in places wherever needed. Great brotherhood support Jana. Lot to do together in our community.

Manoj and Uday – Love you brothers. You have dedicated your life to the community, to the city and welfare. I am happy that we are working with you. You have brought in 10+ colleges and their strength to HCR3.0. We will make it big in coming days. Hugs to you both!! You both are God send.

Raj – you have put in your strength amazingly. The right strength and skill added here to the team and community – that is running. You pulled in Hyderabad Runners very nicely into the game and engaged runners. Thank you for making this community in our city together. Excellent value add you have done Raj. Lot to do together!

Anjani and Ravi are our backbone! They have done a fantastic drive and lead!!

Anjani – Amidst personal and official commitments, she kept things going. Overall Drive of the event, campaign, taken HCR into the blood, veins and nerves. All creativity, overall design, event design, ground sketch and functioning of the event, T-Shirts, printings, designs, women power, leadership – unbelievable strength!! Powerful leadership manifested! 33% of Trio!! Simply fantastic Lady in the house for our team, asset for our city Hyderabad and also for our community. Thank you my dear Sister! Your support and lead is very crucial for all of us. All of us love her for sure!

Ravi – Taken in so much pressure, stress of HCR. He is the thunderbolt of HCR. He is the overall controller of HCR. All his senses for HCR. He has taken HCR into Blood, sweat, veins, nerves. He is an asset to Hyderabad. He has dedicated major part of his life to HCR and to the Cycling Community of Hyderabad. He is there everywhere for us. He is the most reliable on any task for our community, when there is a help needed. He keeps Cycling Community as priority always. Lot to do together brother. You are a true gem and a star!! Thank you my dear brother!!

Ours is the House of Positive people. I am with 1000 words more to talk about, enjoy thinking about all the work we have all done together. Truly amazed with the way Community coming together. The power of community


 Thanks to HCR30 Operations Leaders

Dear Brothers and Sister (Ravi Sambari, Anjani TSN, Krishna Chaitanya, Santosh Mallareddi, Akhil Chennamaneni, Prathapa Pavva, Mohammed Haseeb and Vijay Prasad) –

We all made this happen with the drive along with our Event Day Leads and Event Operations Team and the huge mass Volunteering Leaders!! This operation was to achieve 50 Lakhs “Active Mobility” message reach and we did that. We can proudly say that. This group is very important. We need to stay on and keep this movement going.

Every skill cannot be with one person and that is why we build teams. Each and everyone in this group has special skill and that is why HCR30 Ops Group is powerful and diversified. This team of 9 is simply amazing and we all bring different skills to this table. That is the reason we are in this group.

This group of 9 is very powerful. We have lot to achieve together. Whenever we find similar power, we will add in.

Next time, we will try to take a photo of this team of 9, brand it and shape it more.

Thank you once again dear brothers and sister.

Thanks to Sponsors

Every event is successful because of two sets of people – Volunteers and Sponsors.

Though we are a community-driven event and we are funded by the community, we need support from various external businesses and well-wishers.

Heartfelt thanks to all the Sponsors.

Monetary and Health Sponsors: ICFAI, Happy Hyderabad, Meenakshi, KMV Projects, Euronics, Happy Natural, Pirates of Hyderabad, Earth Needs You Impacts, Bliss Extracts, Analog IAS Academy, CoKarma Working Spaces, Occult, BikeoHolics, goodeebag, Jersey, Nexus Mall Hyderabad, AIG Hospitals, Aster Prime Hospitals, Sri Shankara Netralaya, Century Hospital, Medicover Hospital and SLG Hospitals.

In addition, we had community funding as well – Many from Happy Hyderabad, Pirates of Hyderabad and BikeoHolics came forward. Individuals like Vamsi’s friend, Challa Vinay, Sandeep and his friend, Madhu, Krishna Chaitanya, Sundersingh, Devarajan and Praveen also came forward and generously contributed.

Service and Government Support Sponsors is documented separately.

HCR3.0 Large Event in our city Hyderabad conducted with Sustainability in mind

Thanks to our Sustainability partner ENYImpacts who have given a Sustainability angle to our event and added great value. ENYImpacts have made our event Sustainable event to the maximum possible.

ENYImpacts has proved their point silently, with their action and made us all realize the fact that – “There is no Planet B”. We were not sure about some of the proposals, when it was in discussion. We all really understood what they did and what impact they are doing and have done, what impact they are making us all realize by simply their action and it was all visible during the event and at the end of it.

We are happy that we partnered with ENYImpacts and they have helped us make this large event in our city Hyderabad to be sustainable to the maximum.

We have also learnt quite a bit from this and enlisted learnings. We will make our next version 100% compatible to Sustainability, by applying the learnings and also involving ENYImpacts from the beginning/design of the event.

Hearty Congratulations to Vinay Manchala, VISVA Sustainable Foundation and ENY Impacts team. See you all in HCR4.0!

Event Impact Analysis from ENY Impacts by VISVA Sustainable Foundation for HCR 3.0.

Trash Management

Dry Waste: 67kgs
Wet Waste: 41kgs

Dry Waste is in segregation process & further for recycling. Wet Waste processed in Bio Gas Plant yesterday, the Electricity & Manure will be produced tomorrow.

Toothbrush Exchange Initiative

Plastic Toothbrushes Received: 50+
Bamboo Toothbrushes Promoted: 650+

200+ families will be using Bamboo Toothbrushes from now.

Coconuts without Straws

400+ participants have been habituated to avoid straws by this practice.