Hyderabad Cycling Revolution 3.0 (HAMR)

What is HCR?

HCR took its birth, when our fellow Cyclists and Pedestrians met with an accident(s), costing precious lives due to violation of traffic rules and regulations by others, and no fault of ours. Also when we witnessed the dedicated cycling lanes being used for car parking in major parts of the city, then, it came out of the heart, shouting out loud #WeTooShareTheRoads.

Why HCR 3.0 (HAMR)?

Aligning with our dream of having our children and grandchildren use walking, bicycle, and public transportation (Active Mobility) for commuting to schools and colleges or any nearby places without any safety issues or any supervision.


HCR1.0 effected to bring all Cycling groups of our city to one platform called Cycling Community Of Hyderabad.

 We reached out to 50,000 people and brought about 750 Cyclists to the center of the city.

HCR2.0 was to collaborate with our city Government stakeholders. We reached out to 10,00,000 (10 Lakhs) people directly or indirectly and brought together 2000 Cyclists on the world-famous Durgam Cheruvu Cable Bridge, Hyderabad.

HCR3.0 (HAMR) - HCR 3.0 is a milestone to reach mass audience with one simple message called “Active Mobility”, as part of our Awareness Project bucket. Two months back, we started a fast track campaign by March 2023 targeting 50 Lakhs people out of 93 Lakhs people to have the simple message passed on across “Active Mobility – there is an alternate mode of transport called Walking (<1 km), Cycling (<5kms)) and Public Transportation (>5 kms), which we can use for > 50% of our transportation needs”. We are not asking people to sell their cars, but to taste Active Mobility for half of their time. We believe and trust in one quote – “A Developed City is not where poor have cars, but where rich use Walking, Cycling and Public Transportation”.

HCR 3.0 | HAMR is campaigned by relentless volunteers on a war footing note. The target is to reach 50Lakh residents by end of  April  2023. The teams have chosen different channels for the campaign:

We have collated so far reach via the above-mentioned channels: