Ride and Paint with Kids of Happy Hyderabad (Direct reach: 300 people, Indirect reach: 2Lakhs)

On 7th April Friday, HCR Team conducted a Ride and Paint event at Palapitta Cycling Park. More than 200 kids and their parents participated in the event and made it a grand success. Participants arrived at the venue at 6 AM, and people from all age groups participated in the event which made it a grand success.

Post the enthusiastic ride, the kids were awarded medals painted with their own hands using the Beyond Inks, this brought a lot of joy among the kids.

The Bicycle Mayor of Hyderabad-Santhana and the HCR Team spoke about the importance of Active Mobility in our day-to-day life and how it helps to keep an individual fit and how this helps to make Hyderabad a safer, sustainable, and traffic-free city.

We have a dream in our city - to see our kids and grand kids to use Bicycle, Walking and Public Transportation to the schools and colleges. We wanted to sow the seeds of Cycling in young minds and looking forward to a future successful revolution into Active Mobility. All in the best interests of our city Hyderabad. We want to see Hyderabad to grow developed, along with Active Mobility and Sustainability.

V-rich, Care Hospitals, Beyond Inks, Surya Hearing Care and Speech Therapy Clinic, Zone Adds, Fit Sports Nutrition, and Delizioso sponsored the event.